Japan Classic Sunday

19 Jul

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to a meeting called Japan Classic Sunday in place called Gemert here in Holland. We went with 5 cars, mine (AE86), Nissan Pulsar, Corolla TE71 (drift car), Carina and Starlet KP. We got very lovely weather. Nice meeting some friends and lovely car all over the field. I heard it was about 240 cars shown at that day.

As normal they give you to vote the car you like in 3 categorize. 1st 2nd and 3rd place for Classic, Youngtimer and Sportcar. It is nice to vote the cars you like but there is so many car to choose. BTW I already voted Classic and Youngtimer cars and cannot make any choice for sportcars, so I gave to a friend to do it for me 🙂 When the time come to give the prize to the winner I was surprised  to win 2nd place in Youngtimer categories. 🙂

Thanks a lot to people who voted my car 🙂

The photos are not mine, credit to the photographer. More here



10 Apr

No update in car relate this time… Summer is coming now and yesterday I build up my other race frame bike to fixie bike. Got very excited with this weather on the bike. Actually I should finish the frame first but I dont have mood to finish it 😛

So the frame is still under the brown primer and planning to stickers the frame and just let the rusts spots around the fork and the frame like that.

I will make some pic when I got some camera with me

SSR Dori2!!!

23 Mar

Damn I seen this at Yahoo! Auction! I want them badly!!! 😦

Cool video!

23 Mar

I quite like this style… but while drifting part I am curious if she drove it…


23 Mar

Found this pic at AEU86 forum. I think it is nice to share to you all 🙂

BTW not really bad idea… “I am too JDM I convert my car to RHD” 😛

JDM Style?

20 Mar

This must be old but I like how they did to fill up the air in the tire. Not sure is it JDM style? 😛

GT-R32 in wild…

15 Mar

Nissan Skyline GTR32 is no more special in Europe but it is always nice to see it in wild. Last weekend I went to Brussels and when I walk to place called “Grote Markt” my eyes point straight to this nice black GTR32. I am always wanted this one after I own AE86. I wish one day I win a lottery 🙂

Sometime people are very stupid…

14 Mar

I read this at AE86 Night blog and wish to put on my blog to… If you wish to know why I said stupid, go click here >>> AE86 Night Blog

fav wheels…

9 Mar

Within 5 hours after he put them on sale, they prov. sold 😦

They are known as Winds Autobarrels 15x8j -10 offset. Just imagine how they look under my red hachi 😛

Feeling better… :)

9 Mar

Today I woke up from sleep and feeling much better than yesterday. So later this day I should call my work to tell them that I come to work tomorrow. BTW I just need to work 2 days this week as on Friday I am off a weekend to Brussels Belgium.

I am quite pissed off because while I am sick the weather was very nice. I need to work on my car and enjoy drive it. By the way spring is coming soon here 🙂